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The Maasai people are trained from birth to build unity and love towards one another. Conflicts in personality are secondary to protecting their village. It is the warrior’s job to protect the village, not the government’s. Maasai Junior Warriors are called ‘morani.’ In preparation for the coming initiation ceremony, a mixture of charcoal powder and liquid cooking oil is applied to their entire bodies every day and black clothing is worn at all times prior to the initiation, a painful circumcision ceremony which is performed without anesthetic. This ritual is typically performed by the elders, who use a sharpened knife and makeshift cattle hide bandages for the procedure. The boys must endure the operation in silence. Expressions of pain bring
dishonor. Camera: Canon 1DS Mark 4, with 70-200mm lens, ISO 200, 1/200 sec at f5.6, RAW file

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