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The Suri have always lived in closely settled and named villages of 25 to 80 domestic units, averaging from 250-350 people per village. Young men have their own ‘cattle-camp’ settlements near the pasture areas for livestock, which are usually kept together in very large herds. A village is part of a territorial unit called a b’uran, a term derived from the name of the place where Suri cattle were herded. Villages are clusters of family units, each with their own small gardens and compounds. Most men have more than one wife, and each wife has her own hut, cooking place and garden. Young men of herding age live in the cattle camps, which are from six to eight hours walk from the permanent settlements. Camera: Canon 1DS Mark 4, with 35-70mm lens, ISO 200, 1/400 sec at f4, RAW file

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