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Hari Sreenivasan, WNET

WNET is the place for great content and to be working in their studios was a real kick. We had a 30 minute slot for 3 looks with Hari in 3 different locations on different floors. Not a good time to have any equipment go down. Started in one of the TV studios and Hari delivered, straddling a chair backwards and answering questions with wit and humor. He gave me a lot of nice looks with a minimal amount of direction which enabled me to give the publisher of WAG, Dee Delbello and the creative director, Dan Viteri a lot to choose from. Next we moved into a standard looking conference room, but we were able to use the large windows as our white background and filled the scene with several strobe lights. I shot this both as a silhouette and as a well-lit portrait. The final scene was at Hari’s desk, complete with multiple Emmys. I told him to just do his thing and he began working, and there were the real live shots I was looking for.

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